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Learn to Read for Preschoolers

Learning to read for Preschoolers is a portion of Teach Me How to Study and is important for students before they start their academic career. It will help them later to learn proper study techniques.  A child will in the next eighteen or so years need the skills of reading to develop academic acumen. They need to develop the knowledge and techniques of the reading process.  Parents and caregivers should show them the proper reading scheme such as what is the front and back of a book and we begin reading at the front of the book.  When we get to page one of the book the child should be told that we read a page from left to right and from top to bottom. Children in this age group need to be read to or helped to read a simple book so that they become familiar with the words and structures of a book.  At a minimum they should read for about thirty minutes a day and more if that is possible.  Following are tips to help preschoolers learn to read.  Each tip should be practiced for a week and then go on to the next one.  Once you have tried all of the tips go back through and try them again.  Remember, you want to lay a strong reading foundation for your preschooler.

Strategies for Preschooler reading

The first thing is to find a comfortable place for you and the child to sit for thirty minutes and read to the child.  The books chosen for this exercise should be easy to read, have a rhythm, and very simple language.  As you are reading keep it simple but make sure you give items in pictures names.  For instance if there is a train in the picture make sure you identify it as a steam engine or a diesel engine and the type of cars the engine is pulling.  Tell the child how much you like reading and have fun in your voice because reading should be fun for both of you.  If the child loses interest in the book it is time to put it away.  Here is a list of things that you should discuss as you read together interact with the story, talk about the writing, and be sure that you point out words are everywhere.  Another most important thing beside rhythm is rhyme words that are part of the story.  I would consider finding a book of poetry and read with your child or sing silly songs just to get them to read.  Learning to read for Preschoolers is indeed a part of the Teach Me How to Study group for without readi9ng Study would be difficult.

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