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Learning To Read for Toddlers

Learning to read for Toddlers, a component of Teach Me How to Study is one of the basic important tenants to be learned.  If we are unable to read and comprehend we will not be able to start school nor will we be very successful.  Reading therefore, is the key to survival for all human beings in school and life.  In an earlier article I discussed the importance of reading to babies and I have heard people disagree with this idea.  This article covered the challenges of reading to children through twenty four months of age and now I would like to discuss reading with starting with the toddler years and beyond.  It is imperative that all children before they begin school they have some knowledge of reading and word sounds.  The goal is to have all children be readers by the end of their Third year in school and hopefully they will become excellent and lifelong readers. They have a big challenge ahead but with parents and caregivers assistance they will make it.  We must instill in them the idea of reading a little everyday so they become proficient readers.  Following are some suggested ways parents and caregivers can assist toddlers grasp the beginning stages of reading.



Whether you are the parent of caregiver of a Toddler, you need to continue to develop the reading skills, getting them ready for preschool.  Some things you need to understand when you are reading to Toddlers.  The first thing is they are probably not going to sit still while you read to them, so let them roll around on the floor, dance or just be silly while you read.  They really are listening in their way.  The next thing you will want to do is read, recite rhymes, sing song and by all means make mistakes.  Let them catch the mistakes you make and give them a chance to correct you.  Make sure you are choosing books that will keep their interest.  I know my boy when he was younger enjoyed books about trains, trucks and ones that a rhythm to the words.  We wore “Barnyard Dance by Sandra Boynton” because of the cadence and rhythm.  Don’t overdo the length of time you read but read often throughout the day.  Play games about what you are reading and make it fun then it won’t seem like a chore for you or the kiddo.  Remember that each day is an adventure the Toddlers in your life so make it fun.  This is a way to build a foundation for reading for the Toddlers in your life and help the learn study skills.

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