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Middle School Study Skills

Middle School Study Skills are different from Elementary School Study skills.  It is a time of when many changes occur both in school life and physical life.  In school students are not designated to one room one teacher but will change rooms for each subject.  The physical change is when their hormones start raging, and they experience different mood swings.  Hopefully, by this tie they have an ides what type of learner they are; either visual, auditory, tactile or a combination.  If possible it is best to become both a visual learner and auditory learner.  Some students are visual learners for certain subjects while in others the are auditory learners.  One thing that is important is to make the subject matter a part of their daily studies.  The more they own the topic the better their grades.

Middle School students need to take a giant leap in their Study Skills.  One study skill all Middle School students should learn is How to be Organized.  A beginning point in organizing is to have colored folders for each subject or colored dividers in a notebook as a place to retain all papers for each subject.  Organization skills is an invaluable tool to master as you progress through school.  Another skill that is helpful to learn is note taking.  There are may ways to take notes ant the best method is one that is developed by the student.  They just need to remember that it is not necessary to write down word for word what the teacher says.   Just capture the the most important ideas of the lecture.  I think that organization and note taking may be the two most important study skills to master in Middle School.  Students need to developtheir Middle School Study Skills in order tob successful student throughout high school and college.

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