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How To Study In College

The same skills found in Teach me how to study are found in How to Study in College. One of the most important study skills to develop is making the subject your own. Remember it takes time to learn and requires repetition meaningful repetition. Make the subject part of the things you know and relate to it each day. Be involved in the class especially if it is your major field of study. One of the best tips in How to study in college is become a good note taker. Try to capture the ides of the professor in as simple a way so that when you review the notes you can put the important information on the note cards. Review of the note as soon after the class is important and even recopying them would help reinforce the ideas. Set up a note book for each course of study, date each time you attend class and keep your notes in this notebook. A spiral bound notebook is best for each subject or you can get one that has divider but one for each course is a must.

On the first day of class get the syllabus so that you can do the necessary reading and take note. Another important skill to master is developing mnemonics for the important topics of the professor lecture and from reading of the material. Mnemonics can be helpful in writing your college papers, studying for tests and committing information to memory. In how to study in college skills is the use of notes written on three by five cards are also helpful at test time, writing papers and when the times comes you have the semester information for the final. Remember this one thought never put off doing an assignment until the day before it due get it done as soon as possible. Before Exams make sure you have plenty of rest and don’ miss exams just because. Most College professor frowns on students who miss exams. In how to study in college the Bible for each course you take is your syllabus use it to prepare and study.

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