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Teach me how to study in Elementary School Study Techniques involves seven different skills.  Parents should be cognizant of the type of learner their child is.  Everyone learns differently and if you know the learning style it makes studying easier.  The learning styles are visual, auditory or tactile.  As their names imply that is how a person best learns.  Of course there are people that are a combination of the three styles and that is fine.  Knowing this will help the student lay the foundation for proper study skills.  In the first three grades the teachers provide worksheets for the students to study math, spelling and word usage.  This is the best time to teach them the proper study skills/habits.  A big problem that needs to be prevented early in the life of the elementary student is the tendency to procrastinate that can be difficult to overcome as they get older.  The first a beginning student should learn is to tackle their homework as soon as possible after to school.  It is wise to let them have a 10 to 20 minute break for a snack but then it is homework time.

The snack should be a healthy one not full of sugar.  This elementary school study technique, doing homework right after school, is important for later in school. As a motivator students need rewards for difficult assignments that they complete on time.  Long Term projects can be divided into segments that will help the student meet the final due date.  Early on the Elementary school  students should be taught the value of a Planner.  This should begin as early as Fourth grade when they need to keep track of important dates for papers due, homework assignment in the future and anything else that is important to the school life.  It a good idea to teach young students the value and skill in using flash cards help with their study and review for test.  Flash cards can be used for a variety of information that needs to be retained for later use.  As the student progresses through the grades flash cards come in handy for important facts and help to avoid cramming for tests.  This is just the beginning of the students many study skills that if mastered will help them have an easy time studying in school.

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