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Critical Thinking in High School

An important area of Teach Me How to Study is learning how to think critically or Critical Thinking across all disciplines. The best place to learn how to think critically is in your first year of high school. There is a connection among all of your classes, what you learn is English will have a connection to History and it is imperative that you immerse yourself in each of your classes. The idea is to think like a historian, mathematician, chemist, literary scholar or scientist. It is not possible just to read a book you must ask question of the book, the teacher or yourself. It is wise to always to read with paper and pencil at hand to write down your question or the facts as you see them. Critically thinking prepares you for the game of life, so now is the time to learn and practice the skills of critical thinking. Following is a list of areas that are important in order to become a critical thinker.

Process of Critical Thinking:

Most of the ideas of critical thinking are processes you should have knowledge of from other study tips. There are eighteen processes to put in place to help you develop your critical thinking skills. The description of these items will not be discussed but listed with a brief explanation and discussed in depth in later posts.  Item #1: Know the requirements of each class, what are you expected to do, and ask about the grading procedures. Item #2: Be active in learning and active read, write and speak as a critical thinker. Item #3: Each subject you study is part of your thinking strategy. Item #4: Ask questions of the teacher and your class mate in your discussions. Item #5: Find the connections in all of the class you are taking. Item #6: Your teachers are coaches to help as a member of the team. Item #7: role-play the author of the text book to get the critical thinking the author did in preparing the textbook. Item #8: Use class time as practice thinking, don’t be a passive participant. Item #9: Whenever possible use the course material for problems or situations in your life. Item # 10: Practice the learning and study skills that are your weakest. Item#11: Explain the course material to someone not in the class. Item #12: Obtain the key concepts of the class in the first couple of classes. Item #13: Ask yourself questions to fill in the gaps in your learning. Item #14: Summarize the main points orally, or in writing to evaluate you knowledge of the subject. Item # 15: Evaluate your thinking through the use of intellectual concepts. Item # 16: We learn through writing, so write your thoughts on the subject in your own words. Item # 17: Test your listening skills by summarizing what the instructor has said. Item # 18: Read the Textbook actively by asking questions know what you understand versus what is still not clear. These are the techniques in Critical Thinking as it relates to Teach Me How to Study in High School…

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